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Why did we start?


After countless stories of racial injustice exploded in 2018, a group of current and former Carroll ISD students fed up with Carroll ISD’s decades-long tolerance of discrimination formed the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition (SARC). Having both witnessed and experienced the racism so pervasive in Southlake, the group began to envision a school district where BIPOC students would no longer face the traumatizing bigotry they were subject to. Our organization collected hundreds of testimonials from students and alumni alike, which shared accounts of painful yet pervasive accounts of bigotry in Carroll. Spreading these stories started an open conversation about discrimination in our school district, strengthening our drive to expose the ugly underbelly of this community’s ignorance.


Who are we?


SARC is a passionate, hardworking coalition of current and former Carroll ISD students who want to make changes in our community. We want Carroll ISD schools to be a safe, caring environment for all students, no matter their race, sexual orientation, class, ability or gender. Our members who are current students experience problems with CISD every school day, and are driven to create an impact that makes attending a CISD school a better experience for themselves, their peers, and future students.

How is SARC pushing for change?


SARC's primary vehicle for change is our social media presence. Across Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram SARC puts out weekly posts that raise awareness of issues in our community, ranging from elections to student testimonies to our upwards of 40,000 followers. Our platforms also feature events community members can participate in from other anti-racist groups in the area. SARC also urges change through our community involvement. Our constant media outreach ensures that as many people as possible are aware of the need for change in Southlake, both locally and nationally as we navigate book bans and other right wing propaganda in schools and the community. Our primary focus is community education and mobilizing the community to get involved in local elections as voters, advocates, and campaign volunteers.


What are SARC's goals?

Our main goal is tangible anti-racist change in Southlake's school district, Carroll ISD. We released a series of demands outlining what changes need to be made by the district at every level in order to reform a community with such an abundance of resources into a place where everyone is treated with equality. At the end of the day, we won't rest until Southlake is a haven for all people regardless of race, skin color, ability, gender, religion, class, or sexuality.

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