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Welcome to SARC’s Anti-Racist Library! This will focus on Anti-Racist works  (including Books, Movies, TV, Poetry, Podcasts, Artists, Activists and more) and will include intersectional works along the lines of race, caste, gender, sexuality, class, and other vectors of oppression.


Here, we have collected a database of readings and other media. Unfortunately, we cannot directly host most of the media, so we’ve provided their Library Availability in Southlake Public Library, in any of the CISD School Libraries, and in nearby indie vendors. We’ll also provide a list of vendors at the end of the sheet - including BIPOC owned stores and sites dedicated to education-sharing. 

This project is very much a work-in-progress, and we will continue adding texts and other resources as we find them!


This library contains content appropriate for young children who are entering education! The resources here will be good for introducing anti-racist topics, biographies, as well as encouraging vital skills such as reading comprehension. 


This library contains mid-level literature designed to introduce students to anti-racist topics while also supporting critical thinking and reading comprehension skills. While these won't go in-depth into academic topics, they serve as introductions to erased histories and topics obscured by the public education system.


This section contains content appropriate for teens and young adults. This is more advanced than the middle-school-oriented library and tends to contain longer and more in-depth works, but will omit works that have too much academic jargon and/or graphic content. This will also include introductory works to concepts such as intersectionality, critical race theory, queer theory, and other important movements/analytical frameworks. 


The College and Up section has more in-depth and advanced resources that can further one's education in topics such as intersectionality, critical race theory, queer theory, and other movements. These may also provide critiques and spin-off literature on these topics. These resources may also be more graphic and more academic in nature, with some higher-level jargon. These texts are designed for people already familiar with the topics at hand and are looking for deep dives into specific topics and their material influences on the world around us.

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